Libertarian: Lifeguard, ACLU, Police Officer Down, Hero

Officer John W. Perry broke stereotypes. African-American Lifeguard, decorated officer, ACLU board member. He helped develop a world Libertarian book store, and advised the Libertarian International Organization–doing hands on work for peace getting… Continue reading

Libertarian Women, Minorities Lead

Libertarians are in every country represented in all social classes…and over-represented among women, minorities, and workers who realize voluntary tools=empowerment and a culture of supportiveness and respect. Dr. Margeret Tse, who facilitates Libertarian… Continue reading

Libertarian: Rights Activist, Firefighter

David Bergland is an attorney, activist and social philosopher who wrote Libertarianism in One Lesson, and has been a Libertarian US presidential candidate…and a volunteer firefighter. A martial artist, he has led workshops on… Continue reading

Libertarian: Red Cross

Julie Chorgo is an award-winning photographer, artist, editor. She’s been a Libertarian in public office…and Red Cross Certified First Responder. She helped save a man in a car crash donating an extinguisher, summoning… Continue reading

Libertarian Youth: Public Safety by the Public…

Cultural Libertarian & Liberal volunteers lead democracy and voluntary alternatives workshop in Russia. Since 1970 Libertarians and friends are driving a world public safety revolution by re-legalizing or protecting volunteers, voluntary choices of… Continue reading

Libertarian: Admiral, Local Volunteer

Admiral Colley is a Libertarian interested in less government and constitutional compliance issues, and has served in several Libertarian-interest organizations. He’s been in retirement key in private and volunteer projects to turn submarines and… Continue reading

Libertarian: Teen In Public Office, Library Volunteer

 “Most everything you think you know about Libertariuanism or Libertarians is wrong…” So says Kennon Gilson who is page editor, public safety volunteer–and as a teen Libertarian in public office on 5 advisory boards… Continue reading

Cops Be Like Firefighters?

“… If …firefighters thought and acted like… police, there would be a lot more people burning to death …” Historically, the police began as part of the Roman vigiles or public watch/fire department,… Continue reading

Volunteers:Free Courses Online

Free online courses on public service, emergency, survival topics…

‘Sandwiched’ Home Caretakers

  ….caught between young and long-lived but ill elders…

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