Libertarian: Teen In Public Office, Library Volunteer

 “Most everything you think you know about Libertariuanism or Libertarians is wrong…” So says Kennon Gilson who is page editor, public safety volunteer–and as a teen Libertarian in public office on 5 advisory boards worked on public safety, park and library program privatization. His father was  key developer of modern world Libertarianism.

He says, “I think people who say you cannot be selfish in a rational sense and must give up your rights to better the community create a false choice. The community must respect personal rights and self-interest in those rights. Those rights free you to be creative on bettering the world. Libertarians often lead the bodies they serve, because they proceed from mutual respect and aren’t derailed from the mission by false choices like these.”

These helped enable volunteers, cut fees and better quality. He also has volunteered as a caretaker for elderly neighbors. Kennon continues his work as volunteer co-editor for pages and projects like this one where people can share their work on using voluntary ideas for better community, rights and more.

Use the links to get started or leverage your work–share the site link–and come to our Facebooks and share your story as a Youth interested in libertarian-Liberal tools or Volunteer looking to publicize your group.