VIP Public Service Model

Remain cool, calm, collect, and courteous at all times!

Voluntary Governance: VIP-Very Important Person–is our attitude towards volunteers and providers alike, and our public service acronymn…We lead the conversation on this idea…that Public Services are most rightfully and best provided, and communities made stronger, not by corced monopolies but by combined legalization of…

>Volunteers, and Safety Improvement & Rights Associations…example: In the US, volunteer and for-profit fire departments and insurance safety groups have helped drive fire deaths down 90% in many areas. In the Netherlands, improved recognition that people have a right to their own lifestyle has meant the closing of prisons as incidents went down along with other countries. Restorative and non-punitive justice models are also spreading, aided by volunteer watches, mediators, and councelors. Besides better understanding of personal rights, we realize that in general, the ‘Volunteer Sector’ is larger or potentially larger than many people realize, opften are the real drivers of improvement, and we celebrate their growing role. We believe strong volunteers are often the unsung true force of governance and tolerance in the community that keep things moving, speak out, are most flexible and close to the users, and step forward when the ‘chips are down.’ Finally, we recognize a lot of home-based work deserves praise–home schooling parents, home-based co-ops, idealistic home-started businesses that seek to provide a new service, home-care by family and their and  local elderly or ill–and we welcome their stories.

>Independent Consumer choice of providers– from for-profit firms to non-profit co-ops…example: by freeing up airline and phone monopolies created by law, prices have plummeted as choice and quality improved….while legalizing consumer-run co-ops has been key to farmer markets, organic stores and more. Removal of legal blocks has led to things like IRA’s, choice of garbage companies, etc.

>Public Community trust (s) replacing legal monopolies to  fund core services, paid for voluntarily or re-dedication of ill-used public resources…e.g. the Libertarian created Alaska Permanent Fund not only led abolition of income taxes, but the creation of a citizen income. In many areas parks, libraries and other public or social services services are being increasingly voluntarily funded by stable trusts. In general discuss how coercively funded or monopolized ‘government’ services can or are being shifted to a variety of autonomous public self-funding non-mandated trusts, co-ops, or other models: post offices, social security system, schooling etc.

…this model is our starting point of discussion, especially when guided by Libertarians as they multiply in the volunteer sector as people pledged to advocate rights and acting as your friendly neighborhood and community resources with heightened awareness of best-practice for voluntary solutions. Following a concept known among Libertarians as the Dallas approach, we should offer and welcome an array of voluntary possibility or proven programs. VIP-Volunteerism, Independent choice, Public trusts–is our model for removing blocks to action, and bringing out the work already being done.