Libertarian Women, Minorities Lead

Libertarians are in every country represented in all social classes…and over-represented among women, minorities, and workers who realize voluntary tools=empowerment and a culture of supportiveness and respect.

Dr. Margeret Tse, who facilitates Libertarian and Liberal coalitions in Brazil, is welcome host for LIO legal coalitions info projects and travels to promote volunteerism, education, and interdiciplinary perspectives.

The Libertarian International Organization ( ) mandates that its registered– and encourages all  libertarian-liberal interested– groups  begin outreach not only first with family and neighbors, volunteering and community leadership bodies, but among local elder and youth, women’s issues and minority leaders as essential to laying the correct foundation for outreach, social mediation and consensus-building,  and meetings and events with professional attitudes–with ‘a focus on rights and clearing the path for voluntary choices’ for betterment.