Category Archive: Police & Safety

Cops Be Like Firefighters?

“… If …firefighters thought and acted like… police, there would be a lot more people burning to death …” Historically, the police began as part of the Roman vigiles or public watch/fire department,… Continue reading

Libertarian: Lifeguard, ACLU, Police Officer Down, Hero

Officer John W. Perry broke stereotypes. African-American Lifeguard, decorated officer, ACLU board member. He helped develop a world Libertarian book store, and advised the Libertarian International Organization–doing hands on work for peace getting… Continue reading

Libertarian: Red Cross

Julie Chorgo is an award-winning photographer, artist, editor. She’s been a Libertarian in public office…and Red Cross Certified First Responder. She helped save a man in a car crash donating an extinguisher, summoning… Continue reading

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